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“What’s happening to us?  Why are we so mean and hateful to each other?  Why are we so selfish and have so much hate in our heart?” she said.  The “she” in this case was “Linda” the nurse who was in the exam room at my doctor’s office with me.  She and I have become close over the years. I was the next to the last appointment for the day and the last patient had cancelled.  The nurse practitioner was running a bit late, so we took some time to catch up.

It’s been a crazy year to say the least.  Politics, sexual harassment, mass murders, terrorism, misogyny and racism flood the news daily.  It’s so bad, that I hate to watch the news or even open my Facebook page.

I had thought, as a a species, we would be better by now, but it doesn’t seem so.  We were supposed be kinder, smarter and more unified than we are, but it just hasn’t happened.  As the days pass by, we seem to be on the downhill side of our zenith as a civilization;  at least that’s what I had thought.

I looked into Linda’s warm, brown eyes and told her very gently she was wrong.  I told her that what we read and hear is not who we really are.  I told her that there are just as many, if not more more, compassionate humans in the world that there have ever been.  People who feed the hungry, provide aid to the oppressed, medicine to the sick, say “thank you” and “please” or just hold the door for an old, bald man.

Her eyes started to water and she looked at me somewhat ashamed and begin to tell the story of the family who supported her when she came here from Ghana.  It was an amazing story of unconditional love.  We sat there and I listened to it and the world with it’s fading sunlight stopped around us.  It was the best medicine I got that day.

In my part time job, I’ve had to speak with thousands of customers who may not be having the best day or just need some questions answered.   However, I can count on one hand the ones I remember who were rude or angry.  The people I speak with are kind, polite and grateful.

We want our world to be a duality.  It’s easier that way. Hot and cold, dry and wet, good and evil, Republican and Democrat, them and us, etc..  This duality may be playing out to the nth degree to our detriment, but it is not truly who we are.

My head is not in the sand and the glass is not always half full for me.  I just know there is something that is bigger than us and is us.  I know It unites us and cannot be diminished.  I know It’s light cannot be hidden and that It shines through the darkness.  I know It is not terrorism, murder, sexual harassment or the hate we think is prevalent.  I know It will overcome all of those things and make all right again in due time.

I know it’s a woman from Ghana and a man from Bumpass who know we’re better than we’re being portrayed and revel in that knowledge.

Peace in Christ





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