From Teacher to Student

This past week has been exhausting but fun!!  It was my first week at my new part time job that is full time during training (7 weeks).  I was really nervous about going back to work in business so I had a hard time getting to sleep Sunday night.

Monday morning my fears were allayed thanks to several well-wishing-texts from friends, and Facebook video well-wish from one of my favorite students.  Lenny took me for a walk and that helped to take the jitters off as well.


I am supposed to  be  training for my job for seven weeks with the first two days on site and the remainder to be done at home where I’ll be eventually be working.  Once at the campus and in the classroom, I was a whole lot less nervous.  My classmates, who are also my team mates, were all really nice as were the trainers.  We’re all going to be working from home.  You have to live within 100 miles of the main office so I had team mates from Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Chester and Mechanicsville in addition to locally.

Training went well that first day.  So well that they said we could stay home for training the next day.  We all got our cars and pulled them up to be building to get the ton of hardware we would need to work from home.  When I got home it must have taken me a full two hours to get everything set up for the next day.

For the rest of the week I trained at home.  I log on in the morning and put on my headset and join fifteen others in a virtual classroom.  We work in the virtual classroom a while then go off on our own to work on some learning modules, come back – shampoo, rinse and repeat.  There’s a ton of stuff to learn but I have to say that it’s quite fun.


I have to admit I REALLY enjoy working (training) from home so far.  I get up in the morning and ride my bike about 15-20 miles (3x a week).  I jump off the bike, change into some shorts and a t-shirt and walk Lenny while listening to my devotional.  After discarding Lenny’s present, I shower and have breakfast with Lynn while reading the newspaper.  We talk and work on the crossword a bit before I go into my study to begin my work day.  It’s a 15 second/30 foot commute to work.

I have light classical music playing in the background while I work in my bare feet. We have two 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch.  Lunch is also with Lynn where we talk, read and laugh.  I could really get used to this.  At 5PM, I record my time and log off.  Day over!!  I like that.  No lesson plans, no grading papers, no calling parents, no worrying about kids – just log off.

The training is 8 hours a day 5 days a week for 7 weeks.  If I survive training, I’ll be working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 1-8PM with an hour lunch.  I know.  It sounds brutal,  doesn’t it.

My friend Steven texted me yesterday and asked if I was happy.  I am happy.  I’ll miss so much about teaching.  It was an agonizing decision  to leave all my friends behind (many of us will be in touch, I hope).

Lynn is over the moon happy that I retired but she’s worried about me shunning contact with friends and staying around the house too much.  She’s made it her mission to keep this from happening.  Wednesday night we had dinner with friends Patti and Kevin at Boka Kantina.  We had so much fun catching, up.

Today we got up, had breakfast at Panera’s and went to Pocahontas State Park for some geo-hiking, sweating and tick gathering.  Tomorrow I’ll get up early and ride my bike, go see a movie and watch the Word Cup Final.

I am a VERY lucky man.  I get to semi-retire at an early age, have a beautiful wife and so many friends.  I’ve whined about alll the stuff that’s happened to me the last year and half but it’s been a gift.  A true gift.  It made me realize the important things in life are all at hand – a text from friends, dinner with a newly married couple, the video smile of a student and a  morning walk with a little friend and God.




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