Aloha – The Finale

It was Sunday 10pm and I was in my pirate jammies.  I was bone tired, after flying for 11 hours or so all day starting at 4AM (10PM Hawaii time) eastern time and getting to Richmond at about 7PM.   That’s 6.5 hours from Honolulu to Denver, 3.5 hours from Denver to Charlotte and 1 hour from Charlotte to Richmond. Throw in a couple of layovers and there’s your day.

Hawaii was amazing but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s talk about our last two days there.


Thursday, Andy suggested hiking up to Manoa Falls.  We agreed and did the 2 miles with no mishaps. Well it was a bit of an adventure in that it was very slippery in spots and I almost wiped out more than a few times.  The view at the top of the falls is amazing and a typical post card Hawaii.


It was at this point I realized that I was taking fewer and fewer pictures.  I had become numb to all the awesome beauty and wonder that is Hawaii.  Every trip we took would be an opportunity to experience something wonderful!!


Saturday was strictly a geocaching day for Mrs. Bagby and me.  We had scoped out a state park, Keaiwa Heiau State Park, as a great spot.  Andy was going to take a parent break and drink coffee and read while we hiked.


The hiking was not hard except for the fact that Hawaii is covered with this chocolate brown dirt that stays slippery all the time.  There was also tons of fallen trees across the trail along with rocks and tree roots.  About halfway through I stepped up on a high rock and put all my considerable weight on that leg and pulled a glute muscle.  Oh man, it hurt and there was no way it was going to stretch out.,


So my patient wife and I hobbled along getting a cache here and a cache there.  At one point we had to climb up a ridge to get to the cache and my muscle really started to hurt. Mrs. B. went on to get the cache and I waited for her.  I started to head back down after I knew she had it and my right leg slipped out from me and I did the splits.  My left leg folded back underneath me and I screamed out in pain. I was sure I had broken my leg or busted my knee.  I got up gingerly and everything seem okay EXCEPT my ankle really hurt.  Luckily we were only a couple of miles from the car and I was able to suck it up and get back to a pick up with Andy.

The hiking including the stops for searching for geocaches took us all morning and we did 5 1/2 miles long.  We were hot, sweaty and covered by the chocolate mud.

After we showered and cleaned up our gear, we packed all our belongings for our flight back home that night at 10PM.

Our visit to Hawaii was the trip of our lifetime.  We had an amazing trip.  It was EVERYTHING I had hoped for and more.  Mrs. Bagby was very happy.

I owe my son and his wife so many thanks for hosting us for the week and making it awesome.  They were so generous in so many ways. I also owe my daughter Catherine a big thanks for babysitting Lenny and taking care of the house.

What’s really neat is how interested and happy so many of my friends were that we were able to go on this trip.  Monday, when I got back to work (it was a teacher workday with no students), so many of my friends were interested in the trip that I spent most of the day talking about it.

Lots  of people asked if it was hard coming back after a week at Hawaii.  Surprisingly the answer is “no.”  You see I came back to warm weather, trees starting to bud and friends who love me.  Most of all I brought Mrs. Bagby back with me.

Mahalo and Happy Spring

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