The Everyman’s (and Woman’s) Bucket List

I, like everyone, have a bucket list.  You know those fantastic things you want to do before leave your corporeal existence.  Sky dive, follow the Tour de France in France, travel to Australia, Northern Europe, break a certain average speed on the bike etc…  However I’ve decided to create a more accessible bucket list.  You know… one that’s actually achievable.

Here’s a few of my ideas:

– Eat the greasy, delicious looking pizza at a warehouse store (BJ’s, Costco, Sams)  It’s a roll of the dice I know.

– Tell the super busy person in line in front of me at the 7-11 to put down his cell phone and complete his transaction so I can get on with my miserable life.

– When out to dinner, actually order dessert.  We never do this and I kinda always regret it.

– Ask the person at Wal-Mart who came shopping in their pajamas – “What’s up?”  Were their sweat pants at the cleaners?

I like the fact that the t-shirt is tucked into the pajama pants. We’re not animals, you know.

– Sleep till 9AM – As one who gets up at 4AM this might prove hard.  No judging!!

– A Week of Ice Cream – like a week of dates but more fattening.  The short list is Brusters, Sweet Frog, Cookout, River City Diner…..  I’m open to suggestions.

– Not shave my head for a month.  I started shaving it 16 years ago and find it very hard to let it go more than a few days.  I would like to see how much hair I actually have left.  My guess is very little.

– Fly a kite

– Do a night geocache.  Creepy, fun and exciting at the same time.

– Floss for a whole solid week.  Never been done.

Well….there it is.  My Doable, Lazy, Everyperson’s Bucket List.  I think I’ll start after a nap.

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