In the Year Fifty-Five

My birthday is this Friday and I’ll be 54 years old.  That’s over a half a century.  I used the title of the blog “In the Year Fifty-Five” because A) this will my fifty-fifth year on this Earth and B) I tried to explain the whole the-21st century-is really the 2000’s-and-the 20th century-is-really-the-1900’s thing to my fourth grades and just got a lot of blank stares.   Ahh……weekends!!

I used to think I had been through much in my 54 years but after talking with people my age it turns out it was just my fair share. Maybe less.  You don’t go through 50+ years on this blue dot without enduring your appointed amount of suffering and, hopefully, happiness.

I’m hoping to have a killer 55th year.  The 54th was a bipolar year of extreme highs and lows.

Here’s some things (in no particular order) I want to do with this year if God lets me:

  • Go Fishing – My dad used to take me fishing after a day of felling trees when I was little.  I mostly just threw rocks in the water and made a bunch of noise.  Later my brother got into bass fishing and would take me out on his boat on Lake Anna.  I really didn’t care if I caught anything but I did like being near/on the water.  I think I want to go fishing again because I love my dad and my brother.
  • Ride a bunch on my bike –  I’ve already ridden over 1000 miles this year.  Serious riders will laugh at that but for a NFL shaped geezer like me it’s not too bad.  I think if I could ride between 4500-5000 miles then that would be great.  If I could do it in interesting places with friends and meet new people along the way – then even better.

    It takes alot to get this much bulk going down the road.

  • Stabilize my weight – I’ve been yo-yo-ing the past few years and that’s got to be bad, right?  I’d like to get to a level of fitness that allows me to ride and hike efficiently.  Right now I’m at low weight for me but even at that it is a tough hiking and riding weight. I get my bodyfat checked at the gym and home and it’s not too bad. The problem is I’ve got this weird muscle to fat ratio which is great if I were in the NFL or playing rugby but not great for endurance sports.  I’d like to get that figured out. I’m too old for rugby.
  • Take a course in ceramics –  nah…..I’m just kidding.

    Exhibit A - 10 months ago and chubbier days.

  • Read more fiction – Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve been in the habit of reading nonfiction.  I read mostly books about spirituality, adventures and Buddhism.  This year my class has been following a reading program that allows us the luxury of taking a large block of time to just sit and READ!!!  It’s paid huge dividends.  I also read with them and more often than not it’s been a novel from the teacher’s lounge library.  It’s been delicious!!

    This is the latest book I've read. It was quite good.

  • Slow Down – I’ve written a blog about this but I’m not great about taking my own advice.  I need to S-L-O-W down and enjoy life and people more.  I’ve always been a bit laid back but I was very impatient for much of my 54th year.  I’m going back to my laid back roots in year 55.
  • Geocache and Hike more – Gas prices have put the kibosh on many of our hiking and geocaching activities.  The last year has seen an explosion in geocaches placed within a 20 miles of home so that will take care of the geocaching part.  Wise use of our FuelPerk points and less trips to Starbucks will help with the fuel to get to more state parks and out of town geocaching trips.

    Quite the gorgeous view!

  • Give more -Lynn’s parents getting older and my brother’s health are good reasons for me to be more in touch with our families and friends.  This year has seen tons of people get sick and pass away around us and I need to be there more for people.

There’s tons of things I want to do in my 55th year but these are a few that pop in my head.  I’ll continue to spend time with Lynn and wonder how I got so lucky. I’ll bike with friends Steven and Joel (and hopefully more) and geocache with friends Renea and Don.  I’ll also continue, at an Olympic level as always, to nap and drink copious amounts of diet Pepsi.  I think year 55 is going to be great!!!!

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