I Hate/Love My iPhone

aS the title infers I have a somewhat hate/love relationship with my iPhone.  I say hate first because here lately it has tended to be more hate than love.

lEt me list here the reasons I absolutely LOVE my iPhone:

mUsic – I tend to think of my life as a badly scored musical.  There’s pretty much music with me at any time in the course of my day.  On the way to work it’s usually more podcasts than music.  Once at work I crank up Pandora and hook the phone up to the speakers next to my desk in the classroom.

wHen the students arrive I back it off to something more sedate.  Usually classical.  I can pull from my song library which has almost 2000 songs in it as of this posting.  I’m ashamed to say how much money I’ve spent on music.

wEather – Since most of my fun is had outside biking, geocaching and hiking, the local news channels weather app (WWBT) is one I use quite a bit.  It’s invaluable and helps often in my decision as to whether or not I can squeeze in a ride/hike or if it’s too cold or windy.

pHone – You use your phone as phone?!!  Yeah, I actually do call people and talk to them.  I’m the world’s worst phone conversationalist, however.  When talking on the phone, I lean towards short and efficient.  I think much of that came from growing up in the country where most of my phone calls were long distance and thus – expensive.  The phone is a must have when biking because there are times when I need the support vehicle (Lynn) to pick me up when I break down or have a flat.

gEocaching –  I have a geocaching app on my phone that allows me to find geocaches and read info about them.  This is cool because the gps I use to geocache is an older model that doesn’t have the cache description and prior logs feature available.

cAmera – When geocaching, biking or hiking the camera is awesome to have around!!  Those impromptu shots are accessible when you have the phone with and it takes a pretty decent picture.  It’s also cool in the classroom and on field trips.

tExting – My older non-smart phones didn’t have a QWERTY keyboard, so I rarely texted people and if I did that they were Tarzan like texts in terms of language (eg – “Meet at trailhead.”)  I text but probably not as much as most.  Mainly just to hook up with friends to geocache or bike.

sAfari – This is the web browser on the iPhone and I use it most often when I have burning questions like – “Is Abe Vigoda still alive?” or “Who was the celebrity who dropped out of a broadway play claiming he ate too much mercury laced fish and became ill?”  The answers by the way respectively are; yes and Jeremy Piven.

tHere are quite a few different apps/widgets on my iPhone I use now and then but not in abundance.  The banking, gps, pool, bowling, GarminFit, Gasbuddy and Tunein Radio apps to name a few.

nOw for the hate part.  I’m feeling too connected lately.  I catch myself checking my email, text message, voice messages and Facebook more than I think one should.  Most of my Google email consists of messages from RABA (the local biking club), CVGA (the local geocaching org) and merchant (LL Bean, Target, Wal-Mart etc..).  There’s also a fair share of junk from magazines I subscribe (Men’s Health, Bicycling etc..).

aS for my work email I think it’s probably a healthy idea to let that stuff stay at or during work.  I mostly love my job but there’s balance to be had.  I’ve realized that more this year than ever.

i just don’t want to be missing out on life because I’m checking my phone for useless or unnecessary reasons.  I’ve written on this blog about how frustrating it is to be in line at a merchant while someone is on their phone trying to checkout.  Very annoying.  I believe these smart phones are taking us out of the moment.

sO I think sometime today I’m going to sit my iPhone down and have a talk with it.  It’ll be a one sided conversation because it’s an iPhone 4 not 4s (that might be the geekiest joke I’ve ever written).  I’m going to let it know that I’ll be using it and not the other way around.

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