Krispy Kreme and Microbrews

Yesterday I had an amazingly fun day!   I almost wrote that I I took the day off from bicycling but I just remembered I rode 19 miles on the exercise bike so…not really.

Friday our friends Renea and Don emailed us about doing some local geocaching and going to the area geocachers meeting (Central Virginia Geocachers Association) at the Capital Ale House.  I’ve really been into biking lately but figured I needed at day off and Lynn wanted to go caching.  We also hadn’t been geocaching with our friends Don and Renea for awhile so it would be neat to catch up with them.

It was a blast for several reasons – food, fun and friendship.  Mostly friendship.

I had an delicous breakfast of fresh organic brown eggs and local cheddar jack cheese so that was great start for me right away.  Lately I haven’t been doing great on breakfast so this was a treat.

Renea and Don picked us up and we went to our first geocache called “Bully Blinders. (click on the this line to see the cache page)”  This cache is rated as 5 difficulty which is the highest difficulty rating a cache can have.  It also has a terrain rating of 3 1/2 out of five.  We’d been there multiple times (2) and had no luck finding this micro cache (smaller than a film cannister).  The cache required going down into several drainage tunnels.   Just to get to cache location required a 60 meter walk through the tunnels.  Renea brought hip waders to keep her feet dry (see picture below) which was a good idea because my feet eventually got soaked.

This is what we call fun!

It took us at least an hour but we (Don) made the find.  It came down to us splitting and each going through a tunnel and being meticulous about where we looked.  We were so excited about finding it that we giggled like idiots for a good 15 minutes.

After finding a couple more geocaches, we went to find one hidden at the Krispy Kreme (cache link).  The find was easy but we decided we should celebrate it anyway by buying some nice, hot donuts.  Oh man…. they were so good.

Is the light on?

We decided to head over to Hull Street which would put us near the Capital Ale House where the meeting was scheduled for 2PM.  We found several more entertaining caches in Rockwood Park which is one of my favorite parks in Chesterfield.  People were out aplenty enjoying the mild weather and many were walking their dogs.

The CVGA Meeting was upstairs in the Capital Ale House where there about 30-40 people.  We were starving at this point but it was too late to eat lunch so we ordered chicken tostadas.  I had a wheat beer which was amazing to I had another.   SOOoooo tasty!!  The conversation was entertaining and the stories amazing.  Geocachers are an interesting group.  You see young, old, blue collar, white collar, kids and etc… all having a ball.

Afterwards Don and Renea dropped us off at home where we crashed and caught up on our dvr backlog.

We so enjoyed catching up Don and Renea.  We’ve geocached a ton together.  We’ve hiked up the side of mountains, park trails, in sketchy urban areas and in places we’d rather not say.  We’ve spent all day on one cache and gotten over 70 caches in one day.

Good fun, good food and good friends.  You couldn’t ask for a better day.

Today Lynn and I slept in, got up had a great breakfast and poured over the Sunday paper.  We ran a few errands to the hardware store and the pharmacy.  We did some chores around the house, had a light lunch and listened to music.  I called my son Andy in Hawaii and we caught up on his life and shared ours.

After getting off of the phone, I decided to go visit my brother who had called earlier and sounded lonely.  I now sit here (7:00 PM) after visiting my brother at the Rehabilitation Center where he is recovering from a knee problem.  I enjoyed visiting with him and talking about his plans for when he goes home.  The snow falling on the way home was coming down fast and furious and starting to stick to the road.  I came home to a fire in the fireplace, a snoozing dog and a wife all comfy  in the recliner and some vegetarian pasta casserole.

I have a great life.   I lost sight of that for a couple of weeks but now I realize how great I have it.  I have a family who loves me.  Friends who care about me and great coworkers/friends. I’m in pretty good health and so is Lynn.   Who could ask for anything more?

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One Response to Krispy Kreme and Microbrews

  1. Joel says:

    Sounds awesome Will. Great to hear that you and Lynn had a great time. Keep smiling and living the good life my friend. You both deserve it.

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