Out of the Darkness

Yesterday morning I did something I had not done in seven days.  I made a pot of coffee.  You see seven days ago Hurricane Irene blew though and took with it two power poles and one transformer within three houses of us.  No power.

Saturday I stood next to the crew leader for the CJ Wright team that was making the repairs for DomPow.  He said that central Virginia was hardest hit area in Virginia.  They had been there since 9 in the morning and at 9:30 PM we watched as the block lit up like a Christmas tree once the switch was thrown.  There were cheers up and down the street.

Here are some random thoughts and memories about the past seven days:

–         I made eggs on the grill side burner the first day.

–         I now hate chicken salad.  We had to use all the chicken that was in the freezer.  We made chicken salad and ate it almost EVERY meal for three days.

–         I am also tired of eating out.  It’s both bad for you and expensive.

–         Thank God for my gas hot water heater.  At least we could take a decent shower.

–         It was fun to meet new neighbors and reconnect with old ones.  Several offered their homes for laundry and such when they got their power several days before us.

–         Generally people were amazing at the stoplights that were out.  Most were very patient and generous about waiting.

–         Thanks to my brother-in-law, Allen and his wife Cathern for inviting us over to stay.  We only did it one night but it was a welcome break.  They even took us out to celebrate Lynn’s retirement.

–         Speaking of Lynn’s retirement, I am glad I had a job to go back to on Tuesday.  At least it gave me a chance to cool off.  Lynn kept busy by doing yard work and even cut the grass.

–         I biked almost every day.  The second day after the storm I biked my usual route and it really was amazing the amount of destruction that was done.  River Road had two huge trees down.  One I foolishly biked around but the second one was too scary with power lines all around and on it.

–         I ate garbage but lost weight.  I think my bad habit of grazing at night was curtailed by either 1) lack of food or 2) lack of light.

–         If we had drinking game where you took a shot every time someone said “power” then the whole of Richmond would need AA.

–         My son Jack who comes home from ODU on weekends to work went back home the next day because he HAD power.  GULP!!

This morning I went biking 23 miles with Lynn and friend Joel; one a cancer survivor and one recovering from a heart attack.  Makes going without power for seven days seem trivial by comparison.

Eight years ago Isabelle rolled through Richmond as I watched it from the sixth floor of MCV as I waited for Lynn to be rolled out of cancer surgery (see earlier post –  click here).  As hurricanes go I much prefer Irene.

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