The Benefits of Bonking and Waller Mill Park

Saturday, June 20, 2009 – 1500th find!!!TFTC Found after a long day of hiking. Mr. S. was suffering from heat exhaustion and had to stop and lie down several times on the way back (97 degrees). Mrs. S. was pouring water on him, drenching a towel and got him back to the car. WOW!! We both have a pretty twisted sense of humor so we decided to make this one our 1500th find. It was definitely memorable.

The above was a geocache log we entered after visiting Waller Miller Park in Williamsburg.  This was the worst I’ve ever bonked in all my adult life.  I weighed about 350+ pounds at the time but was determined to not let that slow me down.  Big mistake!!!  I’ve already blogged about this disaster once but let me reiterate the fact that at one point as I lay exhausted (in a bed of posion ivy – not allergic thank goodness) I was actually scoping areas around the lake where they could land a medflight helicopter to get my big butt out of there.

It was a 4 miles of hiking to get to the caches on undulating hills around a lake in hot, humid weather. I barely made it to the last cache on the tip of the peninsula so I knew going back was going to be rough.  It was.  I walked 50 meters and collapsed.  Shampoo, rinse and repeat for the 1 and 1/2 miles it took us to get back to the car.  I was actually scared I wouldn’t make it.  Lynn was dumping water on my head and trying to encourage me to keep going.  At another point I almost wanted to tell her to “leave me here and save yourself!!!”  Once back, I fell into the passenger’s seat and started to cramp and throw up.  Lynn was VERY worried.  It took me several days to get over it.

Today I returned to the scene of where I almost died.  That may be an overstatement.  It was almost equally as hot and humid and we went on the exact same hike as last time.  This time I was about 60 pounds lighter (still have more lbs. to get back off) and in much better shape thanks to hiking, biking and some gym work.  The hike was a breeze.  Oh,  we worked up a good sweat but it was a piece of cake compared to last time.  I’m very grateful to be in better shape.  Not perfect shape but much better than two years ago.

Waller Mill Park is another heavily used park with a gorgeous lake not too far from historic Williamsburg.  Canoes and paddle boats can be rented and the fishing looked pretty good as well.There were a lots of moms/dads/kids and daycares there enjoying the lake and the abundant picnic shelters and trails.

The park has two main trails.  The Lookout Tower Trail is about 3 miles round trip and is rated as moderate by most hiking guides.  The Bayberry Arch Trail, on the opposite side of the lake, is rated as easy and is a one mile long round trip.

While Waller Mill Park is only an hour from our home in Richmond, I have to be honest and tell you the another reason we love hiking and geocaching here..  We usually stop by Pierce’s Bar-B-Que on the way home and treat ourselves. Today was no exception.  YUM!!!!

Happy Summer everyone!!!

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